Hello dear friends of the podcast and listeners!

I invite everyone to join me on this glorious event that is going to happen on Twitter @actionbrated.

As you may have noticed I started to make small little Twitter Poll Battles if you will, for the current moment related to anything with Jean-Claude van Damme and his movies. For this event I have for you, make sure you read everything till the end, also share and retweet the poll so it can get to as many participants as possible!

Alrighty then, you ready?

From the current poll battle we are coming now to the FINALS!

Only four finalists made it. Special question will be included for the battle to determine the ultimate Jean-Claude van Damme character winner. The poll is going to be set for the entirety of 3 days, starting on Monday, April 12th, which means that you have 3 days (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) to battle and vote for your favorite.

What makes this a special event is that I want to give something back to my community, specifically, one lucky winner participant will be chosen for a special reward.

Let me explain how it goes and then I'll move on to the rules.

The poll goes. You vote for your favorite. When you do, make sure you make a screenshot of your vote (on your screen will show a check mark with your choice) and post it as a comment in the same poll. Once the poll is finished there will be only ONE WINNER this time. EVERYONE, who voted for THE WINNER of the poll will enter a lucky draw on Friday 16th for the chance to get 5 coffees from me through the BUY ME A COFFEE website and method.

Here are the rules, very important! ;)

In order to be eligible to enter the lucky draw you must:

1. Follow me on Twitter (@actionbrated)

2. Follow the Buy Me A Coffee Twitter account (@buymeacoffee)

3. HAVE a Buy Me A Coffee account!

4. Have commented with a screenshot of your choice in the poll as mentioned above (only the ones who voted from the beginning for the winner will count!)


*OPTIONAL* If you want to double your chances to win 5 coffees from me (meaning your name will appear on the lucky draw TWICE) you can go to

and leave me a 5***** review.

NOTE: If you previously have already left a review of my podcast, you can choose your favorite episode and leave a review on that one instead, IT COUNTS!

Make sure you sign with your Twitter @ handle, unless it is the same name.

Also, if it's more comfortable for you to leave me a review on Apple Podcasts or any other media where reviews are possible, it counts as well. Just make sure you make a screenshot of it and DM me on Twitter @actionbrated so I can have you in account.

The lucky draw on April 16th will be done using a Lucky Draw Wheel to which I will post a video of the whole process and, in the end, the winner!


...and thank you so much for your continued support!

Your host:


(Action B-Rated)